Superfoods are foods that are abundant and jam packed with goodness, nutrients and wholeness!

They are foods that can/could be eaten alone with no worries on whether you would be getting enough goodness.

Superfoods are from plants, fruits and vegetables and enhance and develop consciousness, like it or not!

Superfoods are tasty, satisfying ways to enhance your chemistry, both physically and emotionally. They are uplifting, energising, nutritious ways of eating and there is no way that they can or could be bad for you!

If you eat superfoods you will know exactly what I am talking about, if you don’t then in order to comment I suggest you do.

Some of the the best known superfoods are Water, Goji BerriesCacaoHempBarley Grass, spirulina, bee pollenmaca. There are others such as MesquiteLucuma & Agave nectar and then there is another league for ones such as Suma, Ashwaganda, Camu Camu, He Shu Wo and Etherium Gold!

Everything is relative to where you are and what you know or want to know. If you are hearing a lot about these types of superfoods then your vibration is most likely leading and drawing you towards them – in that case get some and eat some!

What I will add here is buy organic, good quality raw vegan products!

These products really can be fun and allow you to be bad whilst being good!

If you are reading this then it is most likely that you are in some way interested in your health and well being!

Read, research and see which ones vibrate most strongly to you and then buy them and eat them!