These recipes are all Wheat free, some are Gluten free too!
1/4 cup per person of both millet and quinoa flakes mixed together – you could also use a rice or oats if you like!
Rice milk
Coconut oil
Flax oil 
Bee pollen
Agave nectar to sweeten 

1. Soak the flakes overnight in a little water, just enough to cover them.
2. In the morning, add a little rice milk and a knob of coconut oil (up to 1/2 teaspoon), heat gently (try not to boil them if you can), adding more milk to get the consistency you like! Stirring them makes them smoother and creamier. Cook for 5-10 mins… they don’t take long as they have been soaked.
3.Once ready pour into a bowel and then add 1 desertspoon of Flax oil (or a tablespoon if you are following a specific program), 1 teaspoon of lethicin and bee pollen and agave nectar to taste.
4. Sit down, chill and enjoy this creamy combination of goodness and energy! ahhhh 🙂

Speedy Smoothies

1 Banana
1 Mango – nice and ripe
2 – 4 Strawberries, Raspberries or Blueberries
1 Desertspoon Flax oil 
1 Teaspoon Beepollen
1 Teaspoon Lethicin

1. Peel and chop the banana and mango and then chuck everything into your blender.
2. Wiz it up to a creamy texture and pour into a large wine glass!
3. Sit down with a spoon and gobble!
4. yum yum yum… really!

For the more adventurous add in a teaspoon of any of the following superfoods:
raw organic maca, raw organic cacaoorganic goji berries, raw organic mesquite powder, raw organic Hemp seeds or powder barley grass and off you go!

For smoothies you can use various fruits but always use a banana to give it some substance. Experiment and see what you like! Choose from whatever is seasonal at the time, some favourites could be: berries (strawberries & blackberries), papaya, kiwi, pears, avocado (for a really full tummy!), grapes (humm?)…

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