You know, I think that the one thing we all want is to look and feel younger. Most people care about looking good and feeling good and with that therefore care about what they eat.бизнес

On those days when you have been on a diet for a while and suddenly your body decides to let go and your jeans are looser, you feel so much more confident, happier and able to cope with lifes ups and downs.

Looking good has become the new black! It is everywhere, ways to look younger, feel younger, eat this superfood and you will get his and so on.

Is it really the foods that we are eating, or is it the relationship we have to the foods that we eat that is the problem?

Over many years now I have met many masters and enthusiasts around healing and food and some of the time the most amazingly connected and youthful looking teachers are still puffing away on the odd spliff and drinking coffee in the mornings! Not all but some…

Can they do this because they are beyond letting the foods affect them? Is it that their mind and egos are so clear from drama and allowing what they eat to haev an effect on who they actually are?

Is putting on weight just in the mind and is how we look and feel just in the mind too? Can we think ourselves fatter than we actually are?

You know, this is where from my experience I totally feel that it is about balance and acceptance. Allow yourself to mess up from time to time. Often it is the inner criticism and judgement that messes us up and drives us to despair and further destruction!

We are all different animals, same race but all different, all totally unique and I think we forget this a lot of the time.

What works for the goose does not always work for the gander!

Stop reading so much and begin to instinctively feel what it is that you need.

The state of health you are in now plays a massive role on how you could change the way you live and eat.

Make gradual and safe changes that are supported and mindful! Go about it like a bull in a china shop and see how much mess you create!

Honour yourself and your body, we have all the answers we need inside – why look out!