I am asked this question over and over and over again, usually by the people that struggle to drink water as they cannot imagine drinking the amount that they really need to.

2 Litres or 4 pints of pure, clean, filtered water is the required amount to drink each day. That does not include tea and coffee, although high quality green & herbal teas can be included, depending on your diet and lifestyle!

Sugary, flavoured waters are not included and neither are fizzy canned drinks of any description. You may laugh but there is very unusual press out there including all of the above into the 2 litres of water!

The other areas to consider are body mass, activity levels and climate of course. If you are a marathon runner you will need to consume more than an OAP that sits at home all day – get the idea.

Now, diet ‘may’ make a difference. The more raw vegan organic types may not need so much if they are consuming vegan vegetable juices, as lots of water will be consumed via the fresh juices. on the other hand, if you are enjoying bacon sandwiches and couple of beers that would certainly not be the case!

The other reason people usually struggle with drinking water is because they are congested so water actually makes them feel full and sick. This is a definite sign that you need to cleanse or detox in some way, and actually really shows that you badly need the water!

Maybe try some exercise and see if that makes a difference – bet it does. When you create some movement and some degree of letting go can occur, then you will find some need and desire to drink water!

Water is the key to health, younger looks, weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, better sleep, less migraines and headaches, less PMT and improved moods!

Water may be the answer you are looking for – drink some!