Helena trained to be a doula after the birth of her daughter Ana Mary in 2007. She realised that she had a tremendous passion to help and support new pregnant mothers through this amazing journey from woman to mother.

A doula is a woman who assists and serves women through labour, birth and during the postnatal period. Doula’s support you physically and emotionally and are becoming a popular and sought after beautiful gift to mothers.

Helena is not an active birth doula or post natal doula, she chose to blend her doula knowledge in with her pregnancy nutrition expertise, and prenatal yoga training, to offer the full informative pregnancy pampering package.

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Helena is a friend, a mentor, a positive life advisor and an inspirational yogi/yoga teacher. Her breadth of knowledge and experience is vast and she has an energy that makes you believe anything and everything is possible. She is warm, compassionate, direct and funny. Whatever you are seeking support for she will push out all the stops to help you, especially if you’re keen to help yourself.

July 2021 – Ali 

Helena Bingham lead yoga groups at our retreat, The Hill That Breaths in Italy since 2005. Within the first year she became our lead teacher, and as well as teaching many weeks every year, she became our consultant on all that regarded yoga.

Helena’s knowledge of yoga is profound, her understanding of the practice, philosophy and the teaching of it is astounding, she is deeply experienced in all the aspects of yoga practice and teaching, her passion for yoga and the teaching of it is total, and palpable in all her classes.

All of these make her an incredible teacher.

But there is something beyond that., which makes Helena a truly unique and valuable yoga teacher, and made her  the most loved teacher by everyone her The Hill (guests and owners): her astounding  human skills. She is able to mix the most skilled and thorough teaching with the deepest understanding and awareness of each student and the group to create a deep and truly holistic experience. Helena is able to tune into the groups’ and individual needs, and create a class and a course that touches deeply each participant, and furthers their yoga and lives in a way they would have not imagined .

She is able to pitch each class precisely right, so that each component of the group […]

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Helena Bingham CV

Yoga Teaching Diploma with Distinction – Kevala Centre 2001
Yin Yoga for Mental Health – Self Agency Academy 2021
Understanding Trauma 2022 (20 hrs)
TQUK Level 2 Certificate in Self-harm and Suicide Prevention, March 2022
Bio Dynamic Yin Yoga with Cat Kabira 2019
Yin Yoga Dee Cameron 2019

Yoga Alliance Professionals UK Senior Yoga Teacher / Tutor – Present
Natural Nutrition Diploma with The College of Natural Nutrition – 2002
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Diploma – 2007
Pilates Level 3 – 2014
BIRTH & POSTNATAL DOULA with Nurturing Birth

Holistic Nutrition – 2003
Award in Education and Training- Level 3 – Active IQ 2012
Level 3 Award in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement – Active IQ – 2015
First Aid Certificate – 2017 * 2020
FEDANT Registered No: 11814 (Federation of Antenatal Educators)
Indian Head Massage certification
Thai Yoga Massage
Therapeutic / Swedish massage certification
Reiki 1
YMCA Exercise to Music / RSA
Body Balance –fusion class of yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi
Body Pump
FFI Gym Instructor / Personal Trainer
Further & Adult Education Teachers Certificate City & Guilds 7307
MFNTP – Member of Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners
BYTA – British Yoga Teachers Association
REPS – Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3
Nurturing Birth Doula Training

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Having a healthy pregnancy is the most important gift for you and your baby.
Pregnancy is the time for your to pamper, learn, transform and develop from a woman into a mother.
Changes take place physically and emotionally and it is important to use this valuable time to prepare during your pregnancy.
Your diet is of optimum importance as eating well can be the answer to sensible weight gain, fewer cravings and keeping energy levels up!
Being a mother has changed Helena’s life totally, and she recommends it highly, and to top that she’s pregnancy again aged 43! She didn’t realise the full impact until she entered into motherhood herself, and now uses her life, nutritional, doula and yoga skills and experiences to advice and help new mothers.  Helena is the pregnancy expert for pampers.NEW – Pregnancy Nutrition workshop – 12th March  

Diet is vital, exercise is a must and understanding the emotional changes can be key to you not feeling isolated and alone during this special time.
Helena also has a Pregnancy Blog site that is updated almost daily by herself where there is VITAL and fun information about all stages of pregnancy including TOP tips and more.

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Yoga Holidays in IBIZA

Yoga Holidays in IBIZA 2015

please see Events on the right…


For more information read my new article on the benefits of a yoga holiday or retreat!

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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is the most supportive and wonderful way to feel great during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a transformational time for any woman and prenatal yoga can help to support your physical and emotional needs.
Prenatal yoga strengthens you, increases your body awareness and assists your breathing and all important inner relaxation during its sessions.
Helena isn’t teaching prenatal yoga at the moment as she can’t find the right venue but is holding some workshops in Letchworth so check out her events page for info.
As a nutrition expert and doula, Helena is able to give advice and support when needed to some popular topics such as massage, fatigue, energy levels, stretch marks etc…
Helena encourages an open forum during the classes so that pregnant mums can share how they are feeling to really know that they are not alone!
After Helena’s pregnancy and birth with Ana Mary she realised that prenatal was one of the most important parts of her week during pregnancy.
A special time to be one with your new growing baby and to find deep awareness and stillness is a beautiful way to over ride all the stresses that life brings.Helena also has a new Pregnancy Blog Site that is personal to her own pregnancy journey as she is pregnant again aged 43!What a Real Mum says:
I attended Helena’s antenatal yoga classes for the second half of my pregnancy which really helped me keep the wheels of my body oiled, especially as I grew larger and heavier. Since I was expecting twins I became big quite quickly, and although most other exercise was uncomfortable, including walking, Helena’s yoga allowed me to continue to have some physical expression and get my heart beating.

The class starts with breathing and gentle movements which relaxes and frees […]

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Yoga Benefits

Anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga no matter what or where you are at in life!

Yoga has been developed in the west mainly as a physical practice, but we often forget that yoga postures were designed to detoxify and purify the mind and body; and also to open the hips so that sitting still in meditation was possible for long periods of time. 

Yoga translates as union. Union with mind, body, breath and soul.
Finding oneness and stillness within yourself is an amazing gift and one that yoga boasts through practice and gentle tuition.

The art of totally relaxing and letting go is something that can be felt through time and is something that can be gained during a yoga holiday or retreat. The practice of Yoga Nidra has an amazing affect and benefit to body and mind, and is often used a lot during week long retreats and holidays.

Learn to relax and breath first so you can really feel your breath and body, then practice physically. Feel the difference… it really is amazing!

Helena’s yoga combines detailed and strong movement and postures with meditation and relaxing postures to allow the body to safely open and develop at its own pace. Yoga with Helena is not competitive and is open to all.

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