July 13, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 1:30 pm
Smart Qualifications
99 Fengate

Self practise seems to be (from my observation) the place where most teachers (new and old) fall down. Work, time, kids, jobs, sleep, pets, sickness etc all get in the way – but why?

What is it that stops us wanting to practise the very art that we love so much and spend time teaching to others?

We know that we need it – but we still don’t do it?

I wanted to spend time with you to uncover what it is, for you, that gets in the way; then help a) realise it, and b) help it to stop getting in the way.

We will start the session by spending time in a slow and mindful yin practise together, you will then be invited to explore where you are at with our own personal practise.

Together we will look at different practises for different times of the day, how to get a quick fix, and how to feed yourself deeply when you have the time.

You will be asked to commit to agreeing to some home practise during the month following this workshop so we can see some progress and development.

£25.00, bring a pen and paper and an open heart.
3 CPD points awarded