Tuesday Zoom 2pm Hatha Yoga Class

So as we move closer to the end of lockdown, I wanted to offer a final Tuesday Zoom, Hatha class.

We have been doing these on and off for over a year now! I can’t believe where the time has gone.

This theme is all about Happiness – what does it really feel like to be happy?

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Yin Yoga Friday Chilled Zoom Class

Join me for a Chilled Friday Yin Yoga class via Zoom.

Bring pillows, blankets and anything else you may need.

Yin Yoga allows the body and mind to relax and unwind, offering the nervoud system and deep opportunity to catch up and re balance.

All poses are accessible for all bodies. Longer holds to encourage a release along fascia lines and meridians.

With Love,

Helena x

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Yoga Teacher Training Peterborough 2021


Teaching yoga is much more than striking a pose! Here at Smart Qualifications we offer friendly and :

22 Training Days
Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
Yoga History, Bhagavad Gita & The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali
Class planning & sequencing
What is Yoga? Yoga benefits & its purpose
Understanding when and why to introduce certain aspects of Yoga into classes

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Selfish for Survival Fascia release Zoom Class

Fascia release Yin Class, via Zoom.

2 hours of release – bliss!

You need a fascia release ball, or a tennis ball, blanket and some bricks.

Suggested donation of £8

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Yin Yoga on Zoom

A beautiful Yin Yoga Class delivered via Zoom, for a Friday night chilled to end another lockdown week!!

Please message me to join,  £5 donation suggestion,

Please message me via the contact page for zoom link and more info.

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Festive Wednesday Zoom 6pm

I wasn’t going to work during this time, but I really want to explore Sankalpa with you. I want you to be clear on the difference between Sankalpa & intention, and to have some space and time (before 2021 begins), to have a taste of yours.
This session will being with a Heated Hatha Flow, into some deep and long Yin poses, ending with a guided Yoga Nidra where we will explore, and hopefully discover, our own heart felt prayers.
I’m doing this in the evening so those of you that work can hopefully make it. I can record but its so much better if you can take part.
Will be online with Zoom.

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Yin Yoga Friday Chill (Zoom Class)

A deeply cleansing Yin class for the hips and lower back.

We often store and ‘sit on’ emotions and movement patterns in the hips, these can prevent us from ‘moving on’ or reaching new movement goals.

The long holds in Yin offer us the opportunity to visit these areas, to move prana into them, and to release the fascia that holds them tight.

Sometimes with Yin, its the effects after the poses (even the next day), that make us really appreciate the practise and feel the benefits.

I really hope you can make it 

As we enter into Autumn and Winter we need to slow down. As the evenings draw in we need to be resting and restoring more. Take some time to do this. 

£5 xx (bank transfer details when booking)

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Helena’s Top Tip Talk (TTT)

So after over 25yrs of healthy living (crikey!!) I have learnt a few top things along the way and its those that I want to share with you.
The things that I believe really make a massive difference to daily lives.

I always get asked what I eat & drink – so this is where you will find out.
Do I drink alcohol? What supplements I take etc. What’s good for this and good for that!
So I have decided to organise an online zoom session offering you my top tips for optimum health and well being.
Cost – £8.00
Hope you can make it.
If you can’t I can send a recording.

Bring a note pad and pen and an open mind.

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Hatha Yoga Class

Join me for an hour of Hatha Yoga Tuesday’s @ 2pm via Zoom.

This is a fun and soulful Yoga session where the focus will change weekly. We start with a grounded meditation, connection to our weeks intention and focus, and then flow to create some heat and end with some deep, long holds to open and reconnect with our true selves.

Not suitable for complete beginners but an open and friendly Yoga Class.

Please email me for payment details, once payment has been received I will send you the Zoom link.

Weekly donation of £5 is suggested, recordings can be purchased also will only be valid for 1 week.

I will send weekly spotify playlists also for you to play each week.


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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training


I am delighted to offer a Pregnancy Yoga TT to already qualified Yoga Teachers.
The course will run for 2 full days, 10 – 5pm each day:
Friday 1st May
Saturday 2nd May

This training will cover all pregnancy Trimesters right up to Birth & cover post Natal Yoga also. We will also look at integrating pregnancy students into general classes.

Course Tutor is Helena Bingham who has been teaching Yoga for over 24 years and specialised in Pregnancy yoga after the Birth of her first child in 2007. Helena also trained as a Doula in 2008 and ran pregnancy classes for 8 years.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are an amazing way to support and help women through this transformational time in their lives. Pregnancy yoga helps remove discomforts from the growing body and also supports the hormonal & emotional changes. For some women its literally the best hour of the week.

Being a Pregnancy Yoga teacher is a special place to sit, where we can offer support and hold space for the changes involved. We will explore all of these changes in the course and guide you how to plan and offer safe and effective classes where women will feel seen and heard.

Pregnancy yoga isn’t just about Asana, it is about well being. Saying that women want to feel that they are still using their bodies right up to birth, and keeping in shape with the Asana. For this reason some of the Asanas are still challenging, but we need to understand modifications and relevant alternatives.

Pregnancy Yoga can change a womans birth and pregnancy experience. From learning to breath and stay present, using your body positively, having somewhere to go to talk and share and meet other mum’s all contribute to this […]

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