Diets are the one thing that really do not work for weight loss!

If you want to lose weight and stay that way you need to make a permanent lifestyle change, changes that will always stay with you, not to just temporarily go on a diet!

Diets are designed to allow you to feel either good or bad. You have either just started or just finished a diet, or will start one next month or week, or maybe even next year. Diets are therefore just a dream in a way, they come and they go!

Regular diet terms are, ‘oh I’ll start again tomorrow’, ‘but I’ve been so good I deserve it’, ‘once I’ve finished this diet I can enjoy myself again’.

Diets are like some kind of punishment program, and that is exactly why they are never maintained, and the reason that weight is almost always put back on again after the diet is over.

So what is a lifestyle change?
A lifestyle change is something that is permanently put in place in your life. I.e. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This isn’t something that you just do for a certain period; this is something that is always going to be done.

What is important to add here is that a lifestyle change is more of an empowerment. Becoming empowered and understanding the need to make certain changes and never looking back.

Empowering yourself so much that you would never turn back, and hence never need to go on a diet again!

How does a lifestyle change happen?
Maybe you just get so fed up from being on diets that you are somehow guided into something, or in my case, something just keeps coming to you in articles, spoken by friends, mentioned on the TV even, papers, magazines, stories from people?

From experience what tends to happen is you just can’t escape it! Somehow the messages will find you but of course initially you will ignore them! Eventually, like reading this article, you will hear them again and then maybe make the changes that you already know are needed!

Making the right choices is simple! They resonate so highly with you that they are heaven to keep in place; in fact they just become you! They are so not like diets which are tricky and difficult to sustain, and of course will always come to an end.

Changes that are right for you are empowering in themselves such as drinking more water, exercising more, taking up yoga, eating more raw foods, cutting out poor quality and refined foods, cutting down on alcohol and only drinking quality wines, adding in super foods and so on.

This article isn’t another diet that will tell you what to eat and when. This article is about empowering you to make the right choices for yourself. Listen to yourself and take back control and responsibility with action for your own health and wellbeing, and grow into who and what you really are!

We hold all the answers inside of ourselves if only we had the courage to look!