Raw Food & Natural Nutrition Workshop

Title: Raw Food & Natural Nutrition Workshop – Saturday 25th February 2012
Location: Beeston, Bedfordshire SG19
Link out: Click here
Description: Join me on this Raw Food & Raw Chocolate Workshop Day for an informative, fun and empowering day on how to eat well. It doesn’t need to be as hard as you think. We spend the day discussing & eating superfoods, chatting about natural nutrition techniques and why you are what you eat! 

During the day we will make raw milk, smoothies, raw flax crackers, raw soup, raw humus, raw natural healthy amazing chocolate and discuss superfoods, natural nutrition techniques and how to keep energy high and toxins away!

Menu: Raw Nut & Chia Seed Mylk, made into a Super macacino Hot chocolate smoothie, Raw Flax & Chia Crackers, Raw Chocolate (now your talking), Courgette Humus, Kale & Hemp Cheesy Crisps, Nori Wraps with raw pesto & kelp noodle salad (this menu is up to be changed depending on what’s around!)

£65 for the day – 11am start ends around 3.30pm

Lots to eat and lots of information & inspiration

Start Time: 11.00
Date: 2012-02-25
End Time: 15.30

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Spring Detox

Feel heavy and a little overweight? Has the new sunshine brought about a feeling of shame about your body and having to show it?

The spring equinox is here literally, can you feel it!

This precious time is natures way of assiting us to renew and refresh ready for the new spring season.

Spring brings energy, lighter evenings and the need to be and feel more active and alive.

Use this amazing opportunity and time to Detox and cleanse your way to a happier and healthier more abundant you to be ablle to make the most of summer.

Ridd away all the heaviness of the winter months by reducing stress from your diet, remove the heavier food, winter attitudes and lifestyle patterns.

Go on, shake off your winter blues and pounds, and spring (literally) into a lighter body and step to really achieve your full summer dreams.

Special Offer – Click here for a special spring price!

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Try adding superfoods to smoothies and raw juices to make the most remarkable difference to your energy and

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20% OFF Natural Weight Loss

Helena is offering a special price for Natural weight loss at this special spring cleaning time!

Natural Nutrition can guide you to really rid stress and toxins from your body both safely and permanently!

Click here to buy your natural weight loss consultation during this amazing time…

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Weaning your baby onto solid food is such a beautiful time. Try not to let the stresses of making a mess get in the way of watching your baby take his or her first mouthfuls of solid foods!
Breastfeeding mothers often find they are weaning a little later than bottle fed mothers? This can be due to breastfeeding babies being slightly smaller, and therefore more able to stay with just milk for longer? But of course, every child and mother is different so there is no guarantee of this at all!!!!!!!!
It is safe to breastfeed or bottle feed 100% for up to 6 months. After this 6 month period, it is safe to start introducing tiny amounts of solid foods that are pureed and or combined with the babies usual milk.
The babies little digestive system is so delicate and gentle that it is so important to use natural, organic and fresh gorgeous foods for them. It can be recommend that during the first 2 years of the childs life to avoid dairy, wheat and if possible gluten, also avoiding salt, sugar and preservatives wherever possible.
Popular first foods include: pureed pears, apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, broccoli and baby rice.
These can all be mashed up and combined with the babies milk.

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Natural Kids Diet

The way your children eat is totally down to you, and the best way to start them on a healthier path is from weaning!
Your childs tastes develop from an early age and what they are given during those first months and years play vital parts in their future taste and development.
Children are simple, they eat when hungry and sleep when tired (mostly!). A child will appreciate and love being part of cooking and creating food and this is a vital way to help them to learn to LOVE food rather than see it as a painful daily necessity!
Teach them to love green foods and to enjoy the different flavours, textures, shapes and sizes that are so unique with every fruit and vegetable.
Include them in cleaning, growing, mixing and cooking foods, especially the natural and fresh ones. Use as many colours as you can from peppers, carrots, broccoli, avocado, pears, apples and grapes to name a few. Use berries, bananas to make amazing colourful smoothies with and make natural ice cream by sticking bananas in the freezer and then blending them!
Let them smell, taste and make a total mess in the kitchen… Wear funny aprons and use large wooden spoons… have fun and they will too!
Believe me that if they are making something with you they will WANT to taste the end result!

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Pregnancy Diet

New Pregnancy Nutrition Workshop
Pregnancy is the most important time to eat well – by that I do not mean more and lots, I mean eating important vital nutrients that are needed for your wellbeing, energy, health and babies essential development.
Eating empty calories during pregnancy can make you feel sluggish and heavy when you could be feeling vital and energised.
Organic foods are important, lots of fresh filtered water, essential fatty acids, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and a good supplement where necessary!
Do not use being pregnant as the excuse to fill up on unnecessary calories… use pregnancy as the excuse to eat a healthier and more abundant diet filled with nutrients that are valuable and premium.
Helena Offers face to face Natural Nutrition pregnancy consultations in and around the Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire areas – click here for more details. Informed and recommended pregnancy diet plans & details.
Highly Recommended.

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