Well coldsores are a real pain aren’t they!
Painful, sore and not all that nice to look at either…

So what can be done about them and why do you get them?

Coldsores (from the herpes virus) are an excess of sodium in the body that bursts out in weak pionts in your body, usually around the mouth.

Basically this means that your body is not coping well with seasonal changes, excess toxins that are in your body and stress.

Tip 1:
Stop eating SALT! Especially any kind of table salt that you will find in take away sandwiches, processed cheeses & foods.

Eat a simpler diet that is full of wholesome fruits and vegetables and grains until the sore has gone.

Eating a poor diet will not speed up its recovery at all &
some people will usually get a coldsore when they have had a night on the town too which is a clear indicator that the alcohol and lack of sleep has caused the body stress so it has rebelled and posted a coldsore on you!

Tip 2:
Keep your immune system bouyant and well!
Take a Vitamin C & Zinc supplement and explore the amazing benefits of the Reishi Mushroom.

Tip 3:
Exercise to remove toxins from your body.
Walk, run, skip, dance – whatever rocks your boat, but do it regularly and consistently. Sweating is a great way to move toxins out of your system.

Tip 4:
Dry Skin Brush daily – this simple technique is amazing for removing dead cells from your skin which boosts your lymph system and moves your blood!

Tip 5:
REST – get enough sleep daily.

Tip 6:
Take some Magnesium daily to ensure that you rest well & can remove sodium from your body. Low Magnesium levels are dangerous (especially during pregnancy) and it isn’t called the happy stress free mineral for nothing you know!