Are you able to notice your minds chatter before you react to it?Избавление от «петли планирования»

Are you able to sit on the outside and watch whats going on on the inside?

These are questions that are often raised when people get more and more interested in the practice of ‘yoga’. Once the journey of Asana begins at some later stage there becomes a need for more peace and tranquillity that leads to the beauty of sitting in silence – better known as meditation.

Sitting in silence for 5, 10 – 20 minutes or more a day can enhance more ability to stop reacting and begin responding. meditation

Why don’t you try it. Set yourself up with a space that is constantly there, i.e. a yoga block to sit on or a cushion or even a folded blanket that you can just grab and have available in the same spot everyday. Don’t even try and plan a time to start with just sit when you have time for as long as you have time for.

I often find that the more pressure you put on yourself – i.e. I must sit for 15 mins everyday at 6.30am, then the less likely it is to happen – give yourself some freedom to sit when you can and have some time.

Maybe have some nice things around, i.e. candle, photo of a chosen guru or something beautiful (sunset), use meditation music if you like (or not!), and maybe a crystal or incense – these aren’t at all essential and if it causes stress thinking about arranging that then LEAVE it!

Just sit when you can for a wee while! Find some peace within the chatter and natter of the mind. Focus on your breath, just learn to breath more deeply when you sit. Just be with whatever happens ?

With love,


Helena x