Why we love Yin Yoga

Yoga has been around for ages, I mean ages, yet Yin Yoga is a kind of new version of this very old discipline and art. Yin yoga combines Mindfulness, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Hatha Yoga shapes & principles together into a blend of exquisite healing deliciousness. What’s not to love! But the real reason we love it so much is the way it makes us feel.
Yin yoga taught well will leave you feeling like you have just had a really good massage, but why?
Fascia is the connective tissue that covers all of us, yes all of us, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, cells; it is similar to a watery container cover that can get tangled up and tight during our day to day habitual life. When we practice Yin Yoga, we unravel and lengthen the fascia through long holds and relaxation, and it’s this unraveling of the fascia that makes us feel amazing. 

Fascia responds to long holds, and in yin yoga, we can hold poses from 1 minute to 8 minutes! During this time our nervous system relaxes, our fascia releases its creases and catches and the result is us feeling incredible, we feel renewed and restored. Throughout a Yin Class, we can also get out of our endless monkey thinking heads and really settle into our bodies. It doesn’t happen all the time, but with practice, we can feel grateful for the moments that it does. 
Take some time to slow down and rest whether it be in a yin yoga class or just taking an earlier night from time to time. 
I wish you unraveled Fascia 🙂 
Helena x 

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Why do we love Yin Yoga?

In all honesty we have been doing Yin for years! Longer more restorative holds that naturally start to feel great after the more Yang style practices. But recently this has become very popular so is getting a lot of lovely attention. Any reason to get more people on a mat is a great thing.kahovka-service
If you ask me its because we are all knackered! And the need to STOP and be still is gaining speed and momentum.
Yin Yoga is also attractive for people who struggle with meditation. In Yin Yoga, during the longer holds, we are with ourselves and ourselves only. We are placed to see and show up with our feelings that the silent and longer holds bring our attention to. Just like meditation, there is nowhere to hide ? In Yin though we are physically doing something, so for people that find just sitting meditation hard, Yin Yoga may offer a welcomed stepping stone.
Give it a go – I’m hooked but then always have been. The last half hour of my classes are always my favourite. The quieter and more reflective parts of the practice.
Om shanti x

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Henna by Khuram

  Sometimes we need a little something new and being a yogini Henna is a great safe and fun way to feel pretty.

BUT – there is henna and there is henna – find a safe and non toxic henna to use or better still get a pro to do it for you 🙂

I recommend Henna by Khuram – she is amazing and really lovely as well! Makes a great pamper party or afternoon with      friends.  Check out her site here:




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Home Schooling, Home Education, Letting Go

Home Schooling, Home Education, Letting Go
We started home schooling in March this year after a sticky period with teachers leaving, changing and being replaced. For a 7 year old changes like this can be very unsettling and upsetting and there needs to be a time when a parent knows when its time to STEP IN!

I knew it was my time to do this and took my daughter aged nearly 7 out of school promptly after some disappointing meetings.

So here we are 7 months down the line and we are still only on the edge of being DE SCHOOLED! My word this takes time and to be honest its much worse for me that it is for Ana – took her a few hrs :-), its’ taking Mum and Dad a lot longer.

We find being semi structured works for us; with some structure I feel more in control (scary admittance – yikes!!). I have friends who are very structured and still follow the curriculum and others that don’t do anything at all, and just follow the flow of whatever arises. Its important that you find your own way with this.

Kids learn all the time regardless of what you are trying to teach them. I can only speak from watching my own children sponge up situations and information given to them ‘when they want it’… don’t even bother trying when they don’t or aren’t being present – that just leads to a painful and very upsetting time together. Wait until the time is right – eventually they will ask and then it will be a breeze.

Ana said to me the other day, ‘I just want to be free Mum – I don’t want to do all that […]

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Why I left facebook

Why I left facebook
Its amazing how distracting social media can be. The times I would pop onto facebook and within seconds completely forget why I went there by getting easily distracted to another page or subject.

I began to realise and see just how much time I was using answering questions and liking what people where eating!!
Judgement aside – I need to spend this time being more practical and useful for my kids and family, and for my business – not to mention the extra time I can spend on my mat 🙂

Life feels less stressful already…


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Can you ignore your minds chatter?

Are you able to notice your minds chatter before you react to it?Избавление от «петли планирования»
Are you able to sit on the outside and watch whats going on on the inside?
These are questions that are often raised when people get more and more interested in the practice of ‘yoga’. Once the journey of Asana begins at some later stage there becomes a need for more peace and tranquillity that leads to the beauty of sitting in silence – better known as meditation.
Sitting in silence for 5, 10 – 20 minutes or more a day can enhance more ability to stop reacting and begin responding.
Why don’t you try it. Set yourself up with a space that is constantly there, i.e. a yoga block to sit on or a cushion or even a folded blanket that you can just grab and have available in the same spot everyday. Don’t even try and plan a time to start with just sit when you have time for as long as you have time for.
I often find that the more pressure you put on yourself – i.e. I must sit for 15 mins everyday at 6.30am, then the less likely it is to happen – give yourself some freedom to sit when you can and have some time.
Maybe have some nice things around, i.e. candle, photo of a chosen guru or something beautiful (sunset), use meditation music if you like (or not!), and maybe a crystal or incense – these aren’t at all essential and if it causes stress thinking about arranging that then LEAVE it!
Just sit when you can for a wee while! Find some peace within the chatter and natter of the mind. Focus on your breath, […]

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Who is Patanjali and what are the 8 limbs of yoga?

So here we are throwing ourselves around on our yoga mats doing sun salutations without really knowing what yoga is about at all – but ask yourself honestly; what is yoga and why does it make me feel SO good? ?
Yoga has been around for over 5000 yrs, although I suppose no one will ever know exactly how long for. It started during the vedic period where sages (spiritual people) would have rituals and spend many weeks and months in the mountains connecting to God (spirit, one-ness). These sages believed that the rituals would speed up their self transformation!
From there we moved onto the Upanishads where we know mostly of the Bhagavad Gita, the Lords Song, a wonderful, beautiful poem where we hear of a conversation (pre battle), between Krishna (charioteer) and Arjuna a leader who doesn’t want to go into battle and fight – he doesn’t want to kill for a Kingdom that he doesn’t really want.
Krishna explains about karma, and how it is Arjuna’s duty to fight, that it is his dharmic (moral/religious) duty, and how by fighting  it will restore his karma and regain back the balance of good and evil. This is about karma yoga – self service – as well as much more (this is a very brief outline!).
From there we move onto Patanjali who wrote the yoga sutras where the 8 limbs of yoga reside. Patanjali, a very special man who systemised yoga in a way that has made it accessible to many millions of people, and in a way that is recognisable for us here in the West.
1. Yama – the five restraints or the “don’ts”
2. Niyama – the five observances or the “do’s”
3. Asana – Steady posture
4. […]

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After a lot of hard work we have been accepted with YAUK and are delighted. So, we are now offering a YA200 hr Yoga Teacher Training course that will commence on September 8th in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.У камина
Course Dates also available for 2014 – 2015
We will post full details shortly ?
Namaste x

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Gluten Free & Dairy Free Pancakes

These gluten free and dairy free pancakes are probably the best free from pancakes ever! They make fluffy, delicious, melt in your mouth
Mix well all together (except the oil) and leave to stand for 10 mins…
Then spoon or ladel in scoops of the mixture for each pancake – flip when starts to bubble & nicely brown ?
We melt coconut manna and or a little raw honey on ours or just eat them as they are – delicious!

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