Helena has always taken an active and open minded interest in health, partying, exercise, music and diet. She began teaching fitness classes 26yrs ago (good old Jane Fonda!), and developed into yoga and natural nutrition over 14 years ago.

Helena abandoned the high life in her late 20’s after much searching and exploration to balance her own health and well being. From there on she gave her body what it really needed and also understood why she used to have cravings, addictions and hormonal imbalances. She now finds extreme pleasure in divine organic and raw natural foods (as well as organic champagne and raw chocolate!), without hangups, guilt or destruction!

Helena studied Natural Nutrition under the wisdom of Barbara Wren at ‘The College of Natural Nutrition’, and qualified with distinction as a Hatha Yoga teacher through the ‘Kevala Centre’ in Devon with Jane Mackarness as her tutor.

Helena is a registered senior yoga teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance (YAUK) and is now running teacher training courses in Bedfordshire. She has over 14 yrs experience in teaching yoga and over 6100 hrs teaching experience! She is best known for retreats after successfully working alongside John and Gaia Parkin at thehillthatbreathes.com (now fuckit.com)

Helena has worked a lot with Iyengar (gotta love alignment) and still does; adored the femininity of Donna Farhi; the peace of restorative yoga; Ascension Meditation; endless hrs of Hatha yoga; Astanga (although this isn’t her thing anymore!); and has retreated with Clive Sheridan and Howard Napper. She adores going to classes and loves being a student as much as a teacher – after all, we all need a teacher!

Her techniques and knowledge were mainly found through travelling & working on herself personally and intensely. Helena motivates through personal experience & through personal development; she has created a varied and flexible approach to life and how to live it.

Helena is down to earth and real – not perfect at all – and adapts all of that to whatever is needed and where, and really is an expert at finding healthy ways to have fun.

Helena became a mother aged 39, and has 2 children. Since then she has trained as a Doula and enjoys so very much helping other women on their maternal journeys with teaching Pregnancy Yoga.

Being a mother changes your life completely, the giving unconditionally and continuously, even when you are too exhausted to speak, takes you out of your own ego and self and into a new way of life, the best karma yoga ever!

Helena will continue to bring to her teachings and work realistic ways for her friends to find what they truly need naturally and practically.

Favourite quotes:

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself if you have chosen the wrong road – turn around!” – Edgar Cayce

‘Nothing is under control’  – booja booja (one of the best vegan ice creams ever!!!)