Anyone and everyone can benefit from yoga no matter what or where you are at in life!

Yoga has been developed in the west mainly as a physical practice, but we often forget that yoga postures were designed to detoxify and purify the mind and body; and also to open the hips so that sitting still in meditation was possible for long periods of time. 

Yoga translates as union. Union with mind, body, breath and soul.
Finding oneness and stillness within yourself is an amazing gift and one that yoga boasts through practice and gentle tuition.

The art of totally relaxing and letting go is something that can be felt through time and is something that can be gained during a yoga holiday or retreat. The practice of Yoga Nidra has an amazing affect and benefit to body and mind, and is often used a lot during week long retreats and holidays.

Learn to relax and breath first so you can really feel your breath and body, then practice physically. Feel the difference… it really is amazing!

Helena’s yoga combines detailed and strong movement and postures with meditation and relaxing postures to allow the body to safely open and develop at its own pace. Yoga with Helena is not competitive and is open to all.