In all honesty we have been doing Yin for years! Longer more restorative holds that naturally start to feel great after the more Yang style practices. But recently this has become very popular so is getting a lot of lovely attention. Any reason to get more people on a mat is a great thing.kahovka-service

If you ask me its because we are all knackered! And the need to STOP and be still is gaining speed and momentum.

Yin Yoga is also attractive for people who struggle with meditation. In Yin Yoga, during the longer holds, we are with ourselves and ourselves only. We are placed to see and show up with our feelings that the silent and longer holds bring our attention to. Just like meditation, there is nowhere to hide ? In Yin though we are physically doing something, so for people that find just sitting meditation hard, Yin Yoga may offer a welcomed stepping stone.

Give it a go – I’m hooked but then always have been. The last half hour of my classes are always my favourite. The quieter and more reflective parts of the practice.

Om shanti x