Prenatal yoga is the most supportive and wonderful way to feel great during pregnancy.
Pregnancy is a transformational time for any woman and prenatal yoga can help to support your physical and emotional needs.
Prenatal yoga strengthens you, increases your body awareness and assists your breathing and all important inner relaxation during its sessions.
Helena isn’t teaching prenatal yoga at the moment as she can’t find the right venue but is holding some workshops in Letchworth so check out her events page for info.
As a nutrition expert and doula, Helena is able to give advice and support when needed to some popular topics such as massage, fatigue, energy levels, stretch marks etc…
Helena encourages an open forum during the classes so that pregnant mums can share how they are feeling to really know that they are not alone!
After Helena’s pregnancy and birth with Ana Mary she realised that prenatal was one of the most important parts of her week during pregnancy.
A special time to be one with your new growing baby and to find deep awareness and stillness is a beautiful way to over ride all the stresses that life brings.Helena also has a new Pregnancy Blog Site that is personal to her own pregnancy journey as she is pregnant again aged 43!What a Real Mum says:
I attended Helena’s antenatal yoga classes for the second half of my pregnancy which really helped me keep the wheels of my body oiled, especially as I grew larger and heavier. Since I was expecting twins I became big quite quickly, and although most other exercise was uncomfortable, including walking, Helena’s yoga allowed me to continue to have some physical expression and get my heart beating.

The class starts with breathing and gentle movements which relaxes and frees the body, preparing for some slightly more demanding activities. These further exercises were just as important helping to maintain strength in my legs and prepare for the rigours of labour. After gradually building up to this peak, we were warmed gently down and guided into a deep relaxation that completely erased any bodily tensions.

Helena’s yoga is very personal and caring – you don’t have to do any exercise that feels uncomfortable, you can stop, relax, and drink water whenever you wish. There is even a bathroom directly off the yoga room – a very handy place for pregnant ladies!

Thank you, Helena, for providing a nurturing, caring atmosphere in a beautiful home so I could prepare for the birth of my baby, maintain some exercise, and have the opportunity to meet other local mums-to-be.