This article is going to discuss and look at natural ways to gain better health, wellbeing and to help you to look more gorgeous, all from using natural and healthy nutrition and simple natural body techniques!

Natural Nutrition is an easy philosophy that can bring about abundance in health, wellbeing and gorgeousness, not only on the outside, but most importantly on the inside!

A really gorgeous and healthy glow needs to come from the inside of you not the outside. If the inside is rotten, dry, inflamed, tired, stressed or congested then so is the outside. Everything that is going on inside of us reflects on the outside of us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine link each organ to an emotion often making it easier to understand where we are at, i.e. the liver = anger, the kidneys = fear. So when you are feeling something in particular it can give you a clearer understanding as to what organ it is that is in need of attention.

In short we are one long tube, from our mouth to our anus, and what enters that tube plays a vital role on where we are at, what we look like and how we feel. Like it or not, we are what we eat!

Surely then, with that simple information it will make it easier to make better more informed choices with regards to what we eat? So why is it that sometimes it is just so hard to adhere and stay with a new and healthier, cleaner eating plan? Why do we want and often need to be bad?

What is often missed is that in order for the body to clean, change and alter its internal environment; old toxic loads need to be removed. Making changes to eating plans and introducing cleaner and more abundant foods is all very well but what happens is that a cleanse and Detox will begin to take place. The removal of the so called ‘bad’ foods will, like it or not, set off a cleansing process.

This cleanse or Detox (whatever you like to call it), will set off many different feelings and emotional changes from the toxins being released. These toxins move from the cell, into the lymph and blood, into the liver and then are supposed to leave us via the bowel. BUT, are these toxins being removed? What is they are not?
It is unlikely that without some support from techniques and careful guidance that some of these toxins will not removed correctly from the body, building up a backlog that can make you feel rotten! Headaches, constipation, bloating, irritability, cravings, tiredness, heaviness can all be signs of excessive toxins in the body!

So how do we make sure they are leaving the body? By using safe and effective simple body techniques that ensure that these toxins are leaving regularly and safely via the correct routes!

No one likes the feeling of being toxic… most people do not adhere to diets and new eating plans because they cannot stand the cleansing, detoxing feelings that occur along the way. But with correct support from the techniques listed below a new you could evolve right before your very eyes!

Remember that it’s the taking away and the removal of the old toxins that creates the new you, nothing else! The food and change in diet does set of the cleanse and totally feeds and replenishes you, but it’s the removal of the old, deep routed toxins that makes the real difference!

Recommended Techniques

1. WATER – drink it! Clean, filtered or bottled water. Up to 4 pints each day, sipped throughout the day. Never exceed 2 pints on one hr and increase gradually up to 4 pints if you are drinking little or none at the moment.

2. Exercise – it may seem like simple advice but are you really doing enough? Walk, swim, yoga, jogging, cycling, aerobics, skipping and dancing. Add in a regular routine that you enjoy so you are more likely to keep it up! Gets your blood pumping to remove those toxins and make your heart beat with new energy and life!

3. Dry skin Brushing – one of the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the beauty of your skin and to move your lymph. Great for cellulite and removes dead cells from the surface of the skin. Always on dry skin!

4. Hot and cold showers – always switch from hot to cold 3 times at the end of your daily shower. This action pumps blood back and forth to the surface of the skin pushing toxins out along the way! This is energising and leaves you feeling truly FABULOUS.

5. Enemas – a congested bowel is one of the worst feelings and reasons for low energy and irritability. Clean your bowel regularly using natural mineral water to allow old matter to leave naturally. Seek advice before practising this procedure!

6. Colonics – are a more intense and wonderful way to clean you inside literally. Again, seek professional advice.

7. Epsom Salt Baths – Easy and simple to use using Epsom salts in your bath allow toxins to be drawn out via the skin, your largest form of elimination. These bathes are relaxing and stress releasing.

8. Massage – ancient old techniques used to increase blood flow and move the lymph. Rejuvenating and totally relaxing allowing stress to be removed both emotionally and physically.

9. Yoga – yoga is very popular now but don’t miss the real benefits of this wonderful art. Yoga postures open what we call nadis in the body (energy channels) to enhance blood flow, squeeze internal organs, twist and squeeze the colon and relax and open the heart and mind. Yoga can only benefit any cleansing or natural eating  program 100%

10. REST – now this may sound silly but rest is an amazing asset that few of us really do enough. Sleep, rest, taking time out, meditation, yoga nidra, whatever way you do it, find the time to be alone, inside and still. Allow your breath to deepen and lengthen to enable total relaxation to take place. This is one of the most important ways to really benefit from life!

So you see, it isn’t just about what we do, it is more about how we do it! Just eating well may not be enough to guarantee the removal and clarity needed for wellbeing and gorgeousness!

Waking up feeling heavy can be a sign that you need to move some toxins, not sleeping well, PMT, headaches, anger, stress etc etc, we all have some level of toxins in our bodies. But using simple and regular techniques could be the way to keep a maintenance program going or to allow you to really go deeper into yourself and achieve those must wanted goals.

Ask yourself, what is nutrition to you? What are the top tips for eating a good diet?

Well, that can of course depend where you are starting from. For some people just drinking enough water can make an amazing difference to energy, skin and wellbeing. But of others it may mean much more.

What is important to add here is that we are all difference and totally individual, and what works for the goose may not work for the gander! So without speaking with someone individually it is hard to advice and recommend, so what I have listed below is a guide to generally eating well!

1. Essential Fatty Acids – are you getting enough or any at all? Add some Flax into your diet in the form of seeds and oils; hemp is an amazing omega and protein source especially for vegans, fish oils, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, good quality eggs, leafy greens (oh yes) and walnuts. Make sure you are getting plenty! Great for skin, brains and internal balance.

2. WATER – again here comes the magic stuff! Drink (as above), up to 4 pints per day, sipped gradually through the day and never exceed 6 pints in one day!

3. Raw Food – try and have at least one meal a day that is totally vital and raw! Try a smoothie or a salad for example using lots of colours, i.e. a rainbow salad could consist of lettuce, red pepper, cucumber, lemon juice, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, avocado, mango, goji berries, mung bean sprouts and omega flax oil… have some humus on the side with some rice cakes or homemade flax crackers.

4. Avoid wheat – wheat can be very dry and stressful internally so is an obvious one to avoid when trying to reduce stress. Use rye breads, buckwheat, millet and quinoa as alternatives. There are plenty around these days.

5. Avoid Dairy – this can also be stressful when you are trying to eliminate mucus and toxins. Dairy can be very mucousy so best to avoid when cleansing or clearing out!

6. If you really want chocolate, have some RAW organic natural chocolate made from natural and magnesium high cacao!

7. Add Super foods into your diet! These are highly nutritional power foods that are packed with abundance and goodness, good ones to source are Spirulina, Barley grass, bee pollen, goji berries, cacao (as above!), maca and mesquite! These are particularly great if you are vegan!

8. Avoid processed foods – these are laden with salts and sugars that are just used in excess to make bad food taste good!

9. Avoid table salt at all costs – if you need to use salt source an excellent sea salt – Celtic salts are very good as is pink Himalayan.

10. Eat organic where you can! It really does make a difference both in taste and in goodness.

So you see, you can make it as simple or as hard as you like. With all the information and advice around these days it seems the most sensible option to stay away from the ‘bad’ foods and chose more of the ‘good’ stuff!

If we are what we eat and if we can only glow and find serenity and beauty from what we eat do yourself and your life a favour and eat well! Make the right choices for a while and then look at yourself in the mirror and see that you don’t look and feel more gorgeous!

We are really very simple creatures, we just play up when we don’t get the goodness and vitality we need to function optimally – are you reaching your true potential?

Helena Bingham is the founder and owner of an informative natural nutrition website specialising in Detox, weight loss and pregnancy. Helena is the Nutrition Expert for Pampers as well as an active yoga teacher and mother! Her personal website is