green-juice-alkalizing-opHelena has been a Natural Nutritionist for 17 years and sees dis-ease and illness as the opportunity to take back control and responsibility of your own personal and natural healing process. She believes that this can be achieved from reducing stress from your diet, body and mind.

Helena is the owner and founder of, an informative and empowering nutrition website. Here you can find recipes, top tips, natural products & supplements and much more!

In short, Natural Nutrition recognises symptoms as signs of stress, warning the body that it is overwhelmed, tired and therefore in need of help.

The process is simply to remove ‘stress’ from your diet to set about an internal cleanse from your body and mind. This is supported by natural body techiniques that make sure the stress is 100% removed from the body.

Natural Nutrition can be used for natural weight loss, pre pregnancy preparation and natural detox very successfully.

Optimum Nutrition is an essential part of Helena’s retreats where we have Local, organic Vegan foods with a high Raw %… Detox made easy 🙂