green-juice-alkalizing-opHelena has always had a keen interest in health and began to study Nutrition 25 years ago. She see’s sees dis-ease and illness as the opportunity to take control and responsibility of your own personal and natural healing process. She believes that this can be achieved from reducing stress from your diet, body and mind.

In short, Natural Nutrition recognises symptoms as signs of stress, warning the body that it is overwhelmed, tired and therefore in need of help.

The process is simply to remove ‘stress’ from your diet to set about an internal cleanse from your body and mind. This is supported by natural body techiniques that make sure the stress is 100% removed from the body.

Natural Nutrition can be used for natural weight loss, pregnancy preparation and natural detox very successfully. It can be especially helpful with the shift into the menopause, and other life stages & changes.

Life delivers unexpected challenges and stresses, where we may need to take a step back in order to actually see what is really going on. You can do this with your diet and lifestyle also. Pop your body on a holiday or take a break from a food group that maybe challenging you more than you think and draining energy.

Top tips are to drink clean and filtered water, exercise to raise your heart rate at least 3 times per week, REST – make sure you are getting enough sleep & rest, do something you love with people you love, walk in nature & mindfully practise yoga or meditation or whatever your version of this is.