The Camomile Enema may be very under-rated but is one of many extremely effective natural and supportive body techniques.

This liver releasing, supportive camomile enema can and would support you through the very close Autumn Equinox (22nd September) and bonkers new moon that appears tomorrow!

Our bodies need continuous freedom and movement, and by that I mean constant flowing of goodness in and badness out!

We have certain routes of elimination within our emotional and physical bodies, but without maintenance these routes can become congested and therefore need assistance and support.

Nature itself delivers endless and natural opportunities to empower and encourage more and more movement, but unfortunately within the stress we have now chosen, lives are not as familiar at seeing these opportunities!

Dry skin BrushingEpsom Salt BathsEnemasCastor Oil Packing and daily exercise are all amazing ways to assist keeping this flow moving.

Its often not what goes in, but what doesn’t come out!!!!