The way your children eat is totally down to you, and the best way to start them on a healthier path is from weaning!

Your childs tastes develop from an early age and what they are given during those first months and years play vital parts in their future taste and development.

Children are simple, they eat when hungry and sleep when tired (mostly!). A child will appreciate and love being part of cooking and creating food and this is a vital way to help them to learn to LOVE food rather than see it as a painful daily necessity!

Teach them to love green foods and to enjoy the different flavours, textures, shapes and sizes that are so unique with every fruit and vegetable.

Include them in cleaning, growing, mixing and cooking foods, especially the natural and fresh ones. Use as many colours as you can from peppers, carrots, broccoli, avocado, pears, apples and grapes to name a few. Use berries, bananas to make amazing colourful smoothies with and make natural ice cream by sticking bananas in the freezer and then blending them!

Let them smell, taste and make a total mess in the kitchen… Wear funny aprons and use large wooden spoons… have fun and they will too!

Believe me that if they are making something with you they will WANT to taste the end result!