Well it is isn’t it, weight issues, energy levels, vitality, sleep problems, mood swings, tiredness, concentration, memory (or lack of it), digestion problems, limp and lifeless hair, dry skin, weak and chipped nails, menstruation problems, dark rings around your eyes, sinus problems, eating distress and on and on and on!ceoec.ru

So what is it that makes sticking to a good diet so hard? What is it that continually makes us want to eat the bad things rather than the good things?
What is it that makes us think in the good and bad way in the first place?

Dieting is bad for us. The whole concept of thinking that you need to go on a diet feels like you are going to have to deprive yourself of something! It creates a panic and lack off feeling inside and already feels that it doesn’t need to be forever.

This is not the way to a healthier and happier eating relationship. What is better is to permanently change and alter the way that you eat and the relationship you have to eating.

Make friends with the fact that you sometimes need to eating something sweet or less healthier and don’t stress over it!

Stress is the main reason we eat anyway, so if you are creating even more stress with what you are eating it becomes a catch 22 and you just go round and round getting nowhere!

BUT – don’t get me wrong, that is not an excuse to eat a load of rubbish either. From my experience once you feed your body optimum foods and abundance it is much less likely to crave rubbish anyway!

So what are the foods that go into the abundant and optimum category I hear you ask? Things like broccoli, greens, green leaves (in fact anything leafy and green), brown rice, fruit and vegetables, organic produce, nuts and seeds (preferably soaked), sproated seeds and nuts, superfoods, lentils and beans.

This trick is to eat at regular times with optimum foods. An example may be:
A fruit smoothie with banana and strawberries for breakfast with some flax oil and sunflower seeds. For lunch a humus or avocado salad, and a  brown rice stir fry in the evening with lean chicken or fish.

Other top tips are seaweeds such as nori. You can make your own nori vegetable salad rolls with humus – yum!

The point here is to not starve yourself, and often being on a diet feels like some kind of deprivation – not good!

Eat abundantly with the right foods – it really is the best way!