If you have ever been pregnant or indeed are pregnant, you will understand the problems that can occur with constipation during pregnancy.

As the baby grows and develops it takes up more and more room pushing outwards the colon, stomach and internal organs. This, in short, means that the faeces cannot pass through so easily, with the end result being constipation.

So how can we avoid this?

Ok, here are some top natural tips to help you avoid constipation during pregnancy (or anytime actually), and to be honest, these tips will help you to feel better, increase your energy levels and help you to sleep better too, regardless of whether you are constipated or not!


Drink water – Aim for 2 litres of bottled, clean filtered water daily to keep things moving! Constipation is a sign of dehydration and often just drinking water can be a miracle cure.

Exercise – Walking, swimming and prenatal yoga are great ways to keep mobile and feeling good about yourself throughout pregnancy. Walking is a positive and energising form of exercise that is totally safe during pregnancy. Swimming also is highly recommended as you are supported and protected by the water, and prenatal yoga is just all round fabulous to keep you flexible, calm and relaxed.

Keep iron levels up – iron is again often a missing link to feeling well and avoiding congestion. If iron levels are low then you will feel low, lack energy, have a weird appetite and you will be constantly down & more than likely moody. These feelings do not make you want to exercise and are more likely to keep you on the sofa or in bed! Also iron sources such as leafy green vegetables are full of fibre that seriously helps to keep things moving.

Prune juice – drinking prune juice morning and evening can really relieve constipation quickly. If you are unfamiliar with the juice or just don’t like it, water it down and then increase slowly – a known cure!

Eating your full daily quota of Fruits and vegetables – This is the most crucial time to keep your organic fruits and vegetables on the up! Your daily 5 + are needed to keep all vitamins and minerals, oils and iron levels abundant. The more the merrier!

Massage – Massaging your belly can help… as can having a lymph stimulating massage. Encouraging movement will help no end… also massaging your belly, bum and boobs with organic natural oils is a safe bet to avoid unwanted stretch marks.

Enema – if things get really bad, you could consider using a small enema. This could offer fast, effective relief! Of course, seek advice from a professional if you are unfamiliar with using enema.

Skin brushing – dry skin brushing is an excellent way to boost and move stubborn lymph systems… very energising, beautifying, cheap and simple to use.

Constipation causes bloating, sluggish energy, indigestion, insomnia, mood swings and irritation! Not dealt with could cause longer term problems and lead to deeper ‘dis-ease’ within the body.

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