Here are Helena’s top tips and secrets!
  1. Dancing the 5 Rhythms to very loud music – especially chaos & shaking my head, dancing with my children!
  2. Organic Prosecco & champagne
  3. Laid Bare organic Shea Butter – Essential
  4. I live with Jason (Gemini), Ana Mary (taurus) who is 7 (my daughter), JJ aged 3 (gemini) and my step son Jez (Leo) who is 15 – I’m a Scorpio (double) – HELP!!!
  5. I love enemas – Coffee is my top favourite! Clears my mind…
  6. I just adore walking in the sunshine and getting fresh air especially with Bo our large Black Lab
  7. Artofbeing for personal development – Alan Lowen – just about to do Universal Experience Nov 2014
  8. Last book – Book of Dharma, Simon Haas
  9. I love having Massage – Tam McGann is my TOP therapist and best mate
  10. Try and practice yoga as much as possible… hard being a mum, always do something daily!
  11. Recommend drinking quality tea – Green Tea is my favourite & Reishi Mushroom
  12. Urine therapy 🙂
  13. Eating Raw Chocolate  – especially licking out the bowl and blender
  14. I ADORE drinking amazing quality water – the top tip for everything, looks, life and skin & well being…
  15. Dry skin brush daily and cold shower daily & take lots of magnesium
  16. Favourite pose is a headstand 😉 especially with Jason!