So many people i speak to think that eating well is boring and dull but it really doesn’t have to be!

The first thing to remember is that once you make the transformation to eating a healthier and more abundant diet then your taste and body will demand healthier foods all round!

The taste of greens and salads, fruits, rice and nuts and seeds will be divine and you will begin to dislike the overly sweetness of artificial flavours and sweeteners!

Raw natural ingredients are abundant in taste and goodness and once your body gets used to them you will not look back!

Try some goji berry’s for a starter, easy to nibble on through the day and great to add to smoothies and deserts for little ones for added goodness and energy!

Also make some raw choc, or buy some, it is everywhere now as we are all becoming aware of the amazing benefits of it!

I just made some raw nutty choc with my 2 year old and she just had so much fun! and licking the bowl isn’t an issue… I insist she does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Begin to treat yourself the right way rather than punish yourself with foods that are not feeding you what you need!

You really are worth it!