WOW – I love this product! This really is the extremely busy, working professionals health dream in a capsule!

No responsibilty of having to measure out flax oil with lethicin and then bee pollen or have it with yogurt to make it live – just pop the damb thing straight into your mouth and bobs your lobster! Or in this case – cells are alive!

Omegsmart may not be for everyone (as its not suitable for vegans – contains fish oil) but for my job of having to encourage the use of Essential Fatty Acids, oils & emulsifiers this really does just press all the buttons!

Delivers a blend of essential fatty acid oils (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9) from fish oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil, pumpkin seed oil and olive oil, which have been emulsified with lethicin and glyceryl monoglycerides to assist and aid better absoprtion and utilisation within the body of the oils.

Isn’t that impressive! For a health adviser like me this is heaven sent especially when clients just don’t have time or interest to source all the individual bits themselves!

And if you want healthy, glowing and amazing skin you know you have to get your essential oils in!

Buy your Omegsmart here!