It isn’t really lemonade at all but green juice with lemon in that really is an amazing way to get LOADS of enzymes into your body in big hits!RA Grani

This is the recipe:

1 head Organic Celery (yep that’s the whole thing!)
1 Lemon (and you don’t have to peel it as long as its organic!)
1 Organic Apple (optional) depends on how sweet you are! Or how sweeet you like it!)
4 large Kale leaves (or I sometimes use a large handful of spinach or 2)
1 inch Ginger! This is great if you feel the cold!

Put it all through the juicer and drink immediately… take your time though!

Remember – eat your juice and drink your food!

This is a great for detox regimes and an excellent way to enhance vitality and energy!
If it makes you feel sick, water it down a little to begin with or maybe just make 1/2 the quantity to start.
Like anything honour how YOU feel and use you instincts to gradually make changes!

Happy Green Lemonade!