Having a healthy pregnancy is the most important gift for you and your baby.
Pregnancy is the time for your to pamper, learn, transform and develop from a woman into a mother.
Changes take place physically and emotionally and it is important to use this valuable time to prepare during your pregnancy.
Your diet is of optimum importance as eating well can be the answer to sensible weight gain, fewer cravings and keeping energy levels up!
Being a mother has changed Helena’s life totally, and she recommends it highly, and to top that she’s pregnancy again aged 43! She didn’t realise the full impact until she entered into motherhood herself, and now uses her life, nutritional, doula and yoga skills and experiences to advice and help new mothers.  Helena is the pregnancy expert for pampers.NEW – Pregnancy Nutrition workshop – 12th March  

Diet is vital, exercise is a must and understanding the emotional changes can be key to you not feeling isolated and alone during this special time.
Helena also has a Pregnancy Blog site that is updated almost daily by herself where there is VITAL and fun information about all stages of pregnancy including TOP tips and more.