50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Helena & Dee @ Smart Qualifications
Apr 1 @ 10:00 am – Apr 5 @ 6:00 pm

Dee and I are delighted to invite you to our second Yin Yoga Teacher Training. With over 30 years of experience between us, and a deep passion for Yin!, we have designed the perfect Yin Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Teachers.

The course will run over 5 days and will cover:

Traditional Hatha Yoga in the shapes that we make

Traditional Chinese Medicine by bringing the awareness to Meridians or pathways that flow through our body

Taoist 5 Element Theory showing us how we are connected to our environment and nature

Mindfulness from Tibetan Buddism – allowing everything to be just as it is in this present moment.

We will learn how to open and soften the fascia or connective tissue that runs through our bodies, connecting everything to everything else right down to the cellular level. The fascia is like a network holding your internal body together. The Fascia is directly responsible for our flexibility which becomes a little more dense as we age.

Fascia responds to long holds and opens gently as we get out of the way.

Through the shapes of Yin Yoga we will learn how to influence the flow of chi through the body to nourish the 12 main organ systems creating harmony and balance.

Each Yin posture has a therapeutic or healing quality and we will learn how to practice and teach approximately 20 Yin Postures and variations.

As we learn how our body mind and spirit are connected by the Meridian Pathways, we explore mental, physical emotional health and healing.

Open to teachers that have already achieved a foundation Yoga Teacher Training and those who just LOVE yin and want to experience more.

The course will run over 5 days 10am – 6pm
Small group to maximise support

£750 Full price
Early Bird £675 Paid in full before January 2020
Smart Yogis £650 – Yogis that trained with Helena 

Helena has been teaching yoga for over 24 years and has very recently trained in bio dynamic yin with Cat Kabira. She has been leading retreats and training’s for many years and is excited to offer this additional training to you. Helena is fascinated with the merging of breath and body, and how we can support the drop down into peace within each Yin pose.

Dee has spent recent years emerging herself in teaching her passion of Yin Yoga. She trained in Bali with Cat Kabira and other amazing teachers. Dee has qualifications in Mindfulness, Biodynamic Yin alongside Yoga Therapy and Hatha yoga. Dee is about to train with Sarah Powers which is something she is very excited about.

Combined we have an extremely firm foundation in this beautiful healing art and so excited to share it with you.

Emma Paine Sept 2019 says:

Highly recommend this course, even if you don’t have a desire to teach yin yoga. I enjoyed spending time exploring the poses, enabling me to find ways to adapt for my dodgy back so I could gain even more from the practice. It was lovely just to take a break from the day to day and immerse yourself in yoga again, and rediscover the love for it. My home practice has transformed and I have been adding a more yin quality to my hatha classes. You will learn loads from having both Dee and Helena together, as they approach yin in different ways. Enjoy!!

Caroline Alexander Sept 2019 says:

I can highly recommend this course. Helena and Dee are very welcoming and so knowledgeable. It’s a wonderful immersion into the world of Yin yoga. The benefits of Yin are many and you will be in very safe hands.




Forward Bend Helena Bingham


Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training @ Smart Qualifications
May 1 @ 10:00 am – May 2 @ 5:00 pm


I am delighted to offer a Pregnancy Yoga TT to already qualified Yoga Teachers.
The course will run for 2 full days, 10 – 5pm each day:
Friday 1st May
Saturday 2nd May

This training will cover all pregnancy Trimesters right up to Birth & cover post Natal Yoga also. We will also look at integrating pregnancy students into general classes.

Course Tutor is Helena Bingham who has been teaching Yoga for over 24 years and specialised in Pregnancy yoga after the Birth of her first child in 2007. Helena also trained as a Doula in 2008 and ran pregnancy classes for 8 years.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are an amazing way to support and help women through this transformational time in their lives. Pregnancy yoga helps remove discomforts from the growing body and also supports the hormonal & emotional changes. For some women its literally the best hour of the week.

Being a Pregnancy Yoga teacher is a special place to sit, where we can offer support and hold space for the changes involved. We will explore all of these changes in the course and guide you how to plan and offer safe and effective classes where women will feel seen and heard.

Pregnancy yoga isn’t just about Asana, it is about well being. Saying that women want to feel that they are still using their bodies right up to birth, and keeping in shape with the Asana. For this reason some of the Asanas are still challenging, but we need to understand modifications and relevant alternatives.

Pregnancy Yoga can change a womans birth and pregnancy experience. From learning to breath and stay present, using your body positively, having somewhere to go to talk and share and meet other mum’s all contribute to this very popular class. This course will help you to support and offer all of these in your beautiful Pregnancy Yoga classes.

Full Course Cost £299
Non refundable deposit of £100 required to secure your place (places are limited to 10)
Smart Yogis £275

There will be course work given for the break between dates for you to complete.
YAP points awarded are: 20 Hours
YMCA Pre and Post Natal Certified