The Truth about Superfoods!

Superfoods are foods that are abundant and jam packed with goodness, nutrients and wholeness!

They are foods that can/could be eaten alone with no worries on whether you would be getting enough goodness.

Superfoods are from plants, fruits and vegetables and enhance and develop consciousness, like it or not!

Superfoods are tasty, satisfying ways to enhance your chemistry, both physically and emotionally. They are uplifting, energising, nutritious ways of eating and there is no way that they can or could be bad for you!

If you eat superfoods you will know exactly what I am talking about, if you don’t then in order to comment I suggest you do.

Some of the the best known superfoods are Water, Goji Berries, Cacao, Hemp, Barley Grass, spirulina, bee pollen, maca. There are others such as Mesquite, Lucuma & Agave nectar and then there is another league for ones such as Suma, Ashwaganda, Camu Camu, He Shu Wo and Etherium Gold!

Everything is relative to where you are and what you know or want to know. If you are hearing a lot about these types of superfoods then your vibration is most likely leading and drawing you towards them – in that case get some and eat some!

What I will add here is buy organic, good quality raw vegan products!

These products really can be fun and allow you to be bad whilst being good!

If you are reading this then it is most likely that you are in some way interested in your health and well being!

Read, research and see which ones vibrate most strongly to you and then buy them and eat them!

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How much water should I drink in a day?

I am asked this question over and over and over again, usually by the people that struggle to drink water as they cannot imagine drinking the amount that they really need to.

2 Litres or 4 pints of pure, clean, filtered water is the required amount to drink each day. That does not include tea and coffee, although high quality green & herbal teas can be included, depending on your diet and lifestyle!

Sugary, flavoured waters are not included and neither are fizzy canned drinks of any description. You may laugh but there is very unusual press out there including all of the above into the 2 litres of water!

The other areas to consider are body mass, activity levels and climate of course. If you are a marathon runner you will need to consume more than an OAP that sits at home all day – get the idea.

Now, diet ‘may’ make a difference. The more raw vegan organic types may not need so much if they are consuming vegan vegetable juices, as lots of water will be consumed via the fresh juices. on the other hand, if you are enjoying bacon sandwiches and couple of beers that would certainly not be the case!

The other reason people usually struggle with drinking water is because they are congested so water actually makes them feel full and sick. This is a definite sign that you need to cleanse or detox in some way, and actually really shows that you badly need the water!

Maybe try some exercise and see if that makes a difference – bet it does. When you create some movement and some degree of letting go can occur, then you will find some need and desire to drink […]

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Natural Supportive Techniques

The Camomile Enema may be very under-rated but is one of many extremely effective natural and supportive body techniques.

This liver releasing, supportive camomile enema can and would support you through the very close Autumn Equinox (22nd September) and bonkers new moon that appears tomorrow!

Our bodies need continuous freedom and movement, and by that I mean constant flowing of goodness in and badness out!

We have certain routes of elimination within our emotional and physical bodies, but without maintenance these routes can become congested and therefore need assistance and support.

Nature itself delivers endless and natural opportunities to empower and encourage more and more movement, but unfortunately within the stress we have now chosen, lives are not as familiar at seeing these opportunities!

Dry skin Brushing, Epsom Salt Baths, Enemas, Castor Oil Packing and daily exercise are all amazing ways to assist keeping this flow moving.

Its often not what goes in, but what doesn’t come out!!!!

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Diets do not work for weight loss!

Diets are the one thing that really do not work for weight loss!

If you want to lose weight and stay that way you need to make a permanent lifestyle change, changes that will always stay with you, not to just temporarily go on a diet!

Diets are designed to allow you to feel either good or bad. You have either just started or just finished a diet, or will start one next month or week, or maybe even next year. Diets are therefore just a dream in a way, they come and they go!

Regular diet terms are, ‘oh I’ll start again tomorrow’, ‘but I’ve been so good I deserve it’, ‘once I’ve finished this diet I can enjoy myself again’.

Diets are like some kind of punishment program, and that is exactly why they are never maintained, and the reason that weight is almost always put back on again after the diet is over.

So what is a lifestyle change?
A lifestyle change is something that is permanently put in place in your life. I.e. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This isn’t something that you just do for a certain period; this is something that is always going to be done.

What is important to add here is that a lifestyle change is more of an empowerment. Becoming empowered and understanding the need to make certain changes and never looking back.

Empowering yourself so much that you would never turn back, and hence never need to go on a diet again!

How does a lifestyle change happen?
Maybe you just get so fed up from being on diets that you are somehow guided into something, or in my case, something just keeps coming to you in articles, spoken by friends, mentioned on the […]

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Natural Weight Loss Lifestyle

Losing weight is still the most popular conversation around isn’t it! Whether bums are either too big or too small is still a popular ever tallked about topic!

People are often always promising to start their diets next week or month, or they have just found a new diet that is supposed to be the one!

But do you really know people that are successful on diets?

A diet seems to be something that has to be started and therefore has to be stopped and this is usually what happens.

A ‘diet’ is stuck to for so long, and then fallen away from because it isn’t a lifestyle change it is just a diet and diet for some reason always has an escape route attached to it!

So what is it that can be done that removes this in and out, up and down unsuccessful cycle of being on a diet (or not)!

It is actually quiet simple – remove the arena of the diet and change your lifestyle.
See your new weight loss plan as a guide into a cleaner, healthier and more natural lifestyle where weight loss is just par for the course!

Eating natural unprocessed foods that are mostly raw and organic is a sure way to successful weight loss.

Scrap the word diet and change your eating habits for life!

Make your health and what you eat the most important emphasis to your life as you really are what you eat!

When you concentrate on goodness and hi vibrational energetic foods your weight loss will happen.

Stop being on a diet!

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Is it really all in your mind?

You know what… I think it is! (excuse the pun!)inFOLIO Research Group
What we think we manifest…
What we think has an affect on how we feel…
What we think is how we end up feeling…
How we think affects how we live…
Ever had one of those days when you just keep on being and thinking negatively…
And guess what – you have a shit day!
Changing the way we think can definitely have an effect on how we live and who we are!
Change your thought process for a day and see what happens.
Put notes up everywhere with positive statements on them…
Stop and listen to what you are thinking and catch the negative stuff and change it to positivity!
Remain conscious enough to not let the thoughts develop into dramas!
And if they do develop into a drama stop it and become positive again…
if you think this is bullshit then stop and be more positive!!! or carry on being negative, the choice is yours!

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How to look younger!

You know, I think that the one thing we all want is to look and feel younger. Most people care about looking good and feeling good and with that therefore care about what they eat.бизнес
On those days when you have been on a diet for a while and suddenly your body decides to let go and your jeans are looser, you feel so much more confident, happier and able to cope with lifes ups and downs.
Looking good has become the new black! It is everywhere, ways to look younger, feel younger, eat this superfood and you will get his and so on.
Is it really the foods that we are eating, or is it the relationship we have to the foods that we eat that is the problem?
Over many years now I have met many masters and enthusiasts around healing and food and some of the time the most amazingly connected and youthful looking teachers are still puffing away on the odd spliff and drinking coffee in the mornings! Not all but some…
Can they do this because they are beyond letting the foods affect them? Is it that their mind and egos are so clear from drama and allowing what they eat to haev an effect on who they actually are?
Is putting on weight just in the mind and is how we look and feel just in the mind too? Can we think ourselves fatter than we actually are?
You know, this is where from my experience I totally feel that it is about balance and acceptance. Allow yourself to mess up from time to time. Often it is the inner criticism and judgement that messes us up and drives us to despair and further destruction!
We are […]

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Healthy Ways to be bad!

So many people i speak to think that eating well is boring and dull but it really doesn’t have to be!

The first thing to remember is that once you make the transformation to eating a healthier and more abundant diet then your taste and body will demand healthier foods all round!

The taste of greens and salads, fruits, rice and nuts and seeds will be divine and you will begin to dislike the overly sweetness of artificial flavours and sweeteners!

Raw natural ingredients are abundant in taste and goodness and once your body gets used to them you will not look back!

Try some goji berry’s for a starter, easy to nibble on through the day and great to add to smoothies and deserts for little ones for added goodness and energy!

Also make some raw choc, or buy some, it is everywhere now as we are all becoming aware of the amazing benefits of it!

I just made some raw nutty choc with my 2 year old and she just had so much fun! and licking the bowl isn’t an issue… I insist she does it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Begin to treat yourself the right way rather than punish yourself with foods that are not feeding you what you need!

You really are worth it!

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It’s all about food!

Well it is isn’t it, weight issues, energy levels, vitality, sleep problems, mood swings, tiredness, concentration, memory (or lack of it), digestion problems, limp and lifeless hair, dry skin, weak and chipped nails, menstruation problems, dark rings around your eyes, sinus problems, eating distress and on and on and on!
So what is it that makes sticking to a good diet so hard? What is it that continually makes us want to eat the bad things rather than the good things?
What is it that makes us think in the good and bad way in the first place?
Dieting is bad for us. The whole concept of thinking that you need to go on a diet feels like you are going to have to deprive yourself of something! It creates a panic and lack off feeling inside and already feels that it doesn’t need to be forever.
This is not the way to a healthier and happier eating relationship. What is better is to permanently change and alter the way that you eat and the relationship you have to eating.
Make friends with the fact that you sometimes need to eating something sweet or less healthier and don’t stress over it!
Stress is the main reason we eat anyway, so if you are creating even more stress with what you are eating it becomes a catch 22 and you just go round and round getting nowhere!
BUT – don’t get me wrong, that is not an excuse to eat a load of rubbish either. From my experience once you feed your body optimum foods and abundance it is much less likely to crave rubbish anyway!
So what are the foods that go into the abundant and optimum category I hear you ask? Things […]

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How to avoid constipation during pregnancy

If you have ever been pregnant or indeed are pregnant, you will understand the problems that can occur with constipation during pregnancy.

As the baby grows and develops it takes up more and more room pushing outwards the colon, stomach and internal organs. This, in short, means that the faeces cannot pass through so easily, with the end result being constipation.

So how can we avoid this?

Ok, here are some top natural tips to help you avoid constipation during pregnancy (or anytime actually), and to be honest, these tips will help you to feel better, increase your energy levels and help you to sleep better too, regardless of whether you are constipated or not!


Drink water – Aim for 2 litres of bottled, clean filtered water daily to keep things moving! Constipation is a sign of dehydration and often just drinking water can be a miracle cure.

Exercise – Walking, swimming and prenatal yoga are great ways to keep mobile and feeling good about yourself throughout pregnancy. Walking is a positive and energising form of exercise that is totally safe during pregnancy. Swimming also is highly recommended as you are supported and protected by the water, and prenatal yoga is just all round fabulous to keep you flexible, calm and relaxed.

Keep iron levels up – iron is again often a missing link to feeling well and avoiding congestion. If iron levels are low then you will feel low, lack energy, have a weird appetite and you will be constantly down & more than likely moody. These feelings do not make you want to exercise and are more likely to keep you on the sofa or in bed! Also iron sources such as leafy green vegetables are full of fibre that seriously helps to keep […]

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