What the Dalai Lama said about MAN!

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered “Man”;

Because he sacrifises his health in order to make money.
Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.
And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present;
The result being that he does not live in the present or the future;
He lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

Learn from this and NEVER sacrifise your health for money

Always enjoy the present

Don’t die with your music still in you 🙂


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Yoga Superclass

Цемент и портландцемент отличия
£20 payable in advance via paypal:

Title: Yoga Superclass
Location: Letchworth Centre, Letchworth Garden City
Description: 2 Hr Superclass of Yoga BLISS
Some dynamic some not…
Restorative to deeply relax at the end…
Raw Chocolate and TEA after
Start Time: 13.00
Date: 2011-12-03
End Time: 15.00
There is all yoga equipment available to use including bolsters, mats, straps, bricks and blocks.
Amazing organic cafe for a natter at the end too.

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Nutrition Advice for Health and Wellbeing

This article is going to discuss and look at natural ways to gain better health, wellbeing and to help you to look more gorgeous, all from using natural and healthy nutrition and simple natural body techniques!

Natural Nutrition is an easy philosophy that can bring about abundance in health, wellbeing and gorgeousness, not only on the outside, but most importantly on the inside!

A really gorgeous and healthy glow needs to come from the inside of you not the outside. If the inside is rotten, dry, inflamed, tired, stressed or congested then so is the outside. Everything that is going on inside of us reflects on the outside of us.

Traditional Chinese Medicine link each organ to an emotion often making it easier to understand where we are at, i.e. the liver = anger, the kidneys = fear. So when you are feeling something in particular it can give you a clearer understanding as to what organ it is that is in need of attention.

In short we are one long tube, from our mouth to our anus, and what enters that tube plays a vital role on where we are at, what we look like and how we feel. Like it or not, we are what we eat!

Surely then, with that simple information it will make it easier to make better more informed choices with regards to what we eat? So why is it that sometimes it is just so hard to adhere and stay with a new and healthier, cleaner eating plan? Why do we want and often need to be bad?

What is often missed is that in order for the body to clean, change and alter its internal environment; old toxic loads need to be removed. […]

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My Saturday Menu at 23 weeks Pregnant!

Well I woke starving after 12 hrs in bed, that isn’t usual but after a hectic day yesterday it was necessary!раскрытие мифов о газобетоне
So breakfast consisted of soaked porridge oats drained and then blended up with 2 figs that has been soaking in Almond Milk all night, almond milk, purple corn powder (great antioxidant), goji berries, MACA (essential pregnancy powder) and bee pollen – YUM!
It makes a thick porridge mixture that I then warmed very gently in a pan and then ate, very filling and scrumptious!
Lunch was: large handful of organic green salad leaves (in fact everything I eat is organic:)), tomato, avocado, chick peas, olive oil (extra), lemon juice & tamari and then I tore up a nori sheet and sprinkled that on top – YUM again.
Desert was a raw CHAKE I make from Kate Magic’s bubble, basically a raw cake that is amazing packed with chia, sesame and cacao!
Happy Saturday to you x

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Curing Coldsores

Well coldsores are a real pain aren’t they!
Painful, sore and not all that nice to look at either…

So what can be done about them and why do you get them?

Coldsores (from the herpes virus) are an excess of sodium in the body that bursts out in weak pionts in your body, usually around the mouth.

Basically this means that your body is not coping well with seasonal changes, excess toxins that are in your body and stress.

Tip 1:
Stop eating SALT! Especially any kind of table salt that you will find in take away sandwiches, processed cheeses & foods.

Eat a simpler diet that is full of wholesome fruits and vegetables and grains until the sore has gone.

Eating a poor diet will not speed up its recovery at all &
some people will usually get a coldsore when they have had a night on the town too which is a clear indicator that the alcohol and lack of sleep has caused the body stress so it has rebelled and posted a coldsore on you!

Tip 2:
Keep your immune system bouyant and well!
Take a Vitamin C & Zinc supplement and explore the amazing benefits of the Reishi Mushroom.

Tip 3:
Exercise to remove toxins from your body.
Walk, run, skip, dance – whatever rocks your boat, but do it regularly and consistently. Sweating is a great way to move toxins out of your system.

Tip 4:
Dry Skin Brush daily – this simple technique is amazing for removing dead cells from your skin which boosts your lymph system and moves your blood!

Tip 5:
REST – get enough sleep daily.

Tip 6:
Take some Magnesium daily to ensure that you rest well & can remove sodium from your body. Low Magnesium levels are dangerous (especially during pregnancy) and it isn’t called the happy stress free mineral […]

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Essential Fatty Acids Supplement – Omegasmart by Nutrigold

WOW – I love this product! This really is the extremely busy, working professionals health dream in a capsule!

No responsibilty of having to measure out flax oil with lethicin and then bee pollen or have it with yogurt to make it live – just pop the damb thing straight into your mouth and bobs your lobster! Or in this case – cells are alive!

Omegsmart may not be for everyone (as its not suitable for vegans – contains fish oil) but for my job of having to encourage the use of Essential Fatty Acids, oils & emulsifiers this really does just press all the buttons!

Delivers a blend of essential fatty acid oils (omega 3, omega 6, omega 9) from fish oil, flaxseed oil, borage oil, pumpkin seed oil and olive oil, which have been emulsified with lethicin and glyceryl monoglycerides to assist and aid better absoprtion and utilisation within the body of the oils.

Isn’t that impressive! For a health adviser like me this is heaven sent especially when clients just don’t have time or interest to source all the individual bits themselves!

And if you want healthy, glowing and amazing skin you know you have to get your essential oils in!

Buy your Omegsmart here!

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Drink Green Lemonade!

It isn’t really lemonade at all but green juice with lemon in that really is an amazing way to get LOADS of enzymes into your body in big hits!RA Grani
This is the recipe:
1 head Organic Celery (yep that’s the whole thing!)
1 Lemon (and you don’t have to peel it as long as its organic!)
1 Organic Apple (optional) depends on how sweet you are! Or how sweeet you like it!)
4 large Kale leaves (or I sometimes use a large handful of spinach or 2)
1 inch Ginger! This is great if you feel the cold!
Put it all through the juicer and drink immediately… take your time though!
Remember – eat your juice and drink your food!
This is a great for detox regimes and an excellent way to enhance vitality and energy!
If it makes you feel sick, water it down a little to begin with or maybe just make 1/2 the quantity to start.
Like anything honour how YOU feel and use you instincts to gradually make changes!
Happy Green Lemonade!

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Brazil Nut Milk

This Brazil Nut Milk is raw, vegan and totally nutrient dense and makes fantastic hot cinnamon chocolate!

1 Cup Brazil Nuts (Soaked 1 Hour)
6 Cups Spring Water (or the best water you have)
1 T Lethicin (Superlec Granuels)
2 T Organic Virgin Coconut Butter
2 T Raw Organic Honey or Agave Nectar
1 T Vanilla Essence (non Alcohol & Organic)
1/4 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt

Add all the ingredients into your blender and blend away for a good 2 minutes (but don’t blow your blender)!
Then place through a Nut Milk Bag to be left with the creamiest, smoothest wonderful dairy milk alternative!

To make this into Hot Cinnamon Chocolate warm the brazil nut milk gently (don’t boil as it seperates and KILLs the goodness!) and then add 1/2 tsp cinnamon & 1 tsp cacao powder – Yum!

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